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National Football Players Father's Association

Setting Sons Up for Success™


The Setting Sons Up for Success™ Program is designed to engage our members and educate our audiences with the knowledge that only a father can share.
The fundamental purpose is for our members to share their "real world" experience of how they assisted their sons in becoming professional football players. The multitude of stories and information to share will be different, since every father has a "different" story to share.

This program is designed to capture that in an informal way, but with a purpose to get to the end zone! The program will also be designed to meet the needs of parents whose sons are heavily engaged in football and are beginning the college recruiting process. It can be easily adapted to the level of the audience.

Books, Balls, and Brilliance


The Books, Balls, and Brilliance Initiative rallies the support of Association members across America as they seek to address and change the correlation between low levels in reading proficiency among elementary students.


With statistics revealing that by fourth grade only 12% of minority male students are reading at or above their grade level, members are stepping up to secure the successful future of our youth by providing the resources needed to address the disparities amongst minorities and reading proficiency.

This youth empowerment program allows for our fathers to get engaged with their communities by reading to elementary children and sharing sports equipment with schools in their local area. This program is held during National Reading Month.

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